2013.03.14. 22:50 neoteny

Biden office apologizes to reporter forced to delete photos It will never happen again," [Biden press secretary Kendra Barkoff] said. Ez egy igen komoly ígéret.

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2013.03.14. 01:32 neoteny

Lawmakers angered at U.S. military's handling of sex assault problem But Boxer said: "I'm here to talk about the violent crime of sexual assault in the military, not about fraternization. I'm not here to talk about disrespect, but about vicious crimes. And I'm not here to talk about false…

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Olcsó fű?

2013.03.13. 18:01 neoteny

Seized cannabis lamps help grass grow at Notts County "They will help the grass grow down the near side of the pitch where the stand does not let the light in during the winter," the spokesman said, adding the savings for the club would amount to tens of thousands of pounds. Remélem valaki…

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Katonák és civilek

2013.03.11. 02:21 neoteny

U.S. Air Force stops reporting data on Afghan drone strikes With debate intensifying in the United States over the use of drone aircraft, the U.S. military said on Sunday that it had removed data about air strikes carried out by unmanned planes in Afghanistan from its monthly air power…

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